Sunday, November 29, 2009

Broke Camera

Thats right everyone my camera will not take pictures. And if it does they are blurred. And of course it had to break right before the holidays. And right before all of our firsts. I have only had this camera for a little over a year and I don't think I will buy that brand again anytime soon. So for now I will have to borrow my husbands one for work They just bought new ones and there old ones are still new. I just hope it can capture some good pictures.

I promise to try to catch up on some posts this week. Austin has started scouts which keeps us very busy and Addyson is learning something new every week. Oh and Trenton, well we are just trying to keep him out of trouble. I can't wait to get back to church. Addyson finally got her first dose of the flu shot and I can feel a little safer about taking her out. I am just trying really hard to keep her well and the boys.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We were very blessed to spend it with our families and some friends this year. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. And I promise to post again soon and hopefully with some pics.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4 & 5 Month Posts

Well my dear friends I am back. My life has been consumed of taking care of Addybell, taking care of two very busy boys, soccer, and life in general. I am loving more and more everyday the joys of being a stay-at-home mom. I am thankful that my husband has given me the opportunity to stay home and raise our children.

Well for a little catch up.

Addyson at her 4 month checkup weighed in at 14lbs and 6 ozs and was 25 1/2 inches long. She is a growing girl. She can roll over, loves her feet and hands, and enjoys being talked to. She loves having her brothers undivided attention. She loves saying "O"!!! She is still battling with reflux. She takes 5 ozs of formula with cereal every 4-6 hours. She is a very busy girl!!!! She also loves soccer. She goes to most of the games and insists on sitting in our laps facing the fields.

Addyson (aka AddyBell) is now 5 months old. She is still growing and changing everyday. She is finally getting some hair. Yippee! Hopefully in the next few months she can wear a bow without her headband. She is weighing around 16 lbs. We have changed meds again but now are stopping all meds for reflux. She has been eating 6 ozs of formula with cereal every 5-6 hours and sometimes she goes longer. She can sit up in your lap very good now. She is trying to crawl, so now she scoots across the floor to where she wants to go. Addybell is beginning to teeth. She is trying to cut two teeth on the bottom and hopefully they will come in soon. She has learned to take off her socks and at times will suck on her toe. She loves to move those feet and stays very busy. She loves her toys and loves playing on her pallet in the floor. However now it is hard to keep her on the pallet. And her big brother can now feed her a bottle and burp her. Yea Austin!!! And lastly, at 5 months she has her first cold. I am so thankful that she made it this long without getting sick. After having two boys with constant ear infections, I feel very blessed to have a little girl that so far has been very healthy.

I love these little stages she is in now. These are the best months and everyday she seems to be learning something new. And lastly, please pray that Addyson's reflux gets better. The pediatrician has scheduled us to see a Pediatric Gastro Doctor. We are scheduled to see him on December 7th. We are hoping that she will get better but so far the meds have done nothing. So we are off all meds and are just going to see what happens. She has been my only child that gets choked, and it is very scary. Hopefully when we start food this will help.

I will post pictures soon. I hope everyone enjoys there week.