Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sister is Visiting

This weekend my sister decided to come in from Atlanta for a visit, and we were all so happy to see her. She has been traveling a lot lately. She has traveled 10 states in about a month. She is a very busy lady. Well she has recently accepted a position in South Carolina so she wanted to come visit before she moved. The boys have been attached to her hip. They have loved every minute that she has been here. And I have enjoyed it because I get to get a little accomplished around the house. Plus, she has been helping out with my laundry. That has been nice!!! I hate that she is moving, but I know she has to for her career. One day, hopefully she can find a job back here in Huntsville or at least Atlanta so she is close.

Other than this, we have been getting ready for school to start back. We got Austin's teacher's name, Mrs. Harmon, and so far I have heard good things. I really hope Austin has a great year, after last year he needs someone that wants him to learn and pushes him to excel.

Well I got Trenton's uniforms in....and well I ordered all the wrong sizes. Now we had nothing to go by and I ordered all his normal sizes. Little to say, he want have uniforms for school next week because it says they need 15 days for returns. I guess I will go by some solid polos to get us by. If anyone sees any good deals, please let me know. He can only wear red, white, or navy.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of your week. And have a great weekend shopping with the "tax free" weekend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photos from the botanicals gardens

Here are some pics of our trip to the Botanical Gardens last week. I hope you all enjoy!!!

I think I am finally WELL

So after fighting a cold for a week, I think I am finally well. I think Danny and I actually managed not to give the kids the cold. Yea!

Well this past weekend we didn't do much. I was still recuperating and I just needed REST!!! We did manage to take the boys to their photo session. We had them made at the Arab park. Trenton was half asleep during the first part of the session, he fell asleep on the way. He still managed to smile in his photos and he stood where she asked him to stand. Danny and I cracked up with the looks he gave her. She would try to get him to pose and he would look at her like she was crazy. But with a little coercing he would pose just like she wanted. Austin did just like she asked, he even gave her the fake smiles. We want get the proofs back for a few weeks but as soon as we do I will post them.

Sunday, I rested at home ALL DAY!!! I did nothing. I figured the only way to get rid of the cold was with rest. And I think it finally worked.

Well the first part of the week has been a little crazy. We have had some of the big guys in from Geico looking over our shop. Our shop could possibly be one of the top 10 Geico RX shops in the U.S. So we have been cleaning up and making sure everything was just right. I sure hope they were impressed.

Other than that, I decided it was time for some new makeup. I tried Bare minerals, and I really disliked it. It just wasn't for me. So last night I decided I needed a change. So I took a little of my bonus money and spent it on MYSELF!!! I went to the MAC counter and she fixed me right up. I got new foundation, powder, blush, lipstick, the works. And today, I got compliments. So maybe I will get up that little extra time and spruce myself up. Yea Right! I could try but there are no guarantees. School is about to start so that equals more time getting kids ready and less time for mom.

I ordered Trenton's uniforms. I am so excited, I will have to post some pics of him in them. Hopefully that will alleviate a little of the stress in the morning when school starts.

I hope I haven't bored you all with my boring week. School starts soon and then it gets exciting. :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet the Family

So this really isn't a great pic, but a 4 year old had the camera :)
Austin and Trenton
(Can you tell Trenton loves his big brother?)

My Wonderful Husband: Danny

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Well yesterday I decided that even though I am sick, I would take off from work a half of day and take the kids on an adventure. So my Nanny and Austin met Trenton and I at the Botanical Gardens. Now it was around 1:00 when we got there and it was HOT!!! And of course, the boys would rather run than walk. My poor Nanny was trying her best to keep up with them, really I mean I was trying my best to keep up with them. LOL. The boys had a great time and we took lots of pics with the dinosaurs. Next time we will take their swimsuits!!! I had never been there, but they have sprinklers and fountains galore. It was a lot of fun, and the boys had a great time. I promise to post pics soon. If anyone wants to offer advice on the best way, or a program to use please let me know.

Now if only I could get over this cold!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thanks honey

Just a quick update, my lovely husband gave me his cold. So I am feeling a little rough, but I will get better. My grandmother is doing well. She will get the results of her heart tests in two weeks, but they released her from the hospital on Friday. Since it rained ALL weekend, we didn't get to go to the gardens. Danny did go buy a new "used" vehicle this weekend. We are now the proud owners of a 2003 Toyota Tacoma crew cab prerunner. The boys love it because they both can ride in Daddy's truck now.

I hope everyone has a great week. We are going to attempt to go to the botanical gardens tomorrow, that is if I can get off work early. Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little of this and a little of that


They have admitted my grandmother into the hospital today for tests. Now if you know me, you know that I am REALLY close to my Nanny. I talk to her everyday, my son stays with her during the week, she is my Rock. When my parents divorced, she was the one that was always there. Please pray that the tests come back fine and that she will get better soon.

Other than this, I found out today that my cousin Cyndel is expecting a boy. This will be the 9th great grandchild and there is only one girl. Now my grandparents had 10 grandchildren (1 which died at birth) and there were 7 girls and 3 boys. So we are doing a reversal on them. Hopefully there will be some more girls soon!!!

I will be scheduling the boys photos tomorrow. There birthday's are in September so I am trying to get them done before school starts back, and we have never had some outdoor shots done. It should be fun!!!

Also, Trenton will be moving up to Pre-K hopefully next week. I can't believe my baby will be 5 soon. It amazes me at how much he already knows. He can write is name, he knows his letters and sounds, his numbers, and he is even rhyming words. Which sometimes gets him in trouble. But he is still young, and I just correct him and tell him to be careful on choosing his words.

Austin started back to tutoring on Monday. It hasn't bothered him so far, probably because he will only be going two days a week. He should finish in about three weeks, and then hopfully he will be done with Sylvan for a while or for GOOD. He also convinced my grandparents to take the 4-wheeler home to the farm, it had been at my grandfathers shop. He seems to be testing the waters, and my grandparents have informed him that if he does not slow down then he will lose it for a week. So hopefully he will listen. It scares me with him riding to begin with, but hopefully he will ride it responsibly.

Other than that, we are planning on taking the boys to the botanical gardens this weekend. We have been meaning to go all summer so hopefully we will make it there before the dinosaur exhibit leaves.

I hope everyone has a great ending to there week, and a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to the vet we go

Well Ranger had a very bad weekend. Saturday he just layed around all day, and Sunday he threw up all day. It was almost like chasing a child around the house, but this child weighing 60+ lbs. So we took the food away and gave him small amounts of water. Yesterday afternoon I took him back to the vet. He was again running a fever and had lost a lb. So they took him off of the prednisone and back on two other medicines. This morning he seemed better. He kept Danny up most of the night because he was hungry but other than that no vomiting. I had to call and check in with the vet this morning. He said as long as Ranger is able to eat tonight and seems to be playing and not laying around we should be okay, if he starts throwing up and still feels bad then we will go back on Thursday for more tests. I really think he will be fine. He probably ate something that he wasn't suppose to, or the prednisone made him sick.

Well the boys are doing great. I think Trenton may go ahead and move into the pre-K room in the next few weeks. He is so excited. Also we will be ordering uniforms soon. They are so cute, I will have to post pics. It will also be less hassle on us in the mornings.

Austin has been enjoying his summer with Nanny and Papa. He has a very good tan. I think he spends most of his days outdoors, which I am glad about. My grandparents bought him a 4-wheeler but it will only go max 12 mph. Now I was not to keen on him getting this, well because of the accident my dad had on his. But I am trying to let him be a kid, and my nanny is super strict on him, no helmet she takes the keys. Also his reading has improved. This weekend he read me a few pages in one of the books he is reading and I was amazed. I am very proud of him for all of his hardwork!!!

I hope everyone has a great week!!! And a Happy Fourth!!!