Friday, November 19, 2010

Lots Going On

Hi my fellow bloggers, I have finally decided to start blogging again. Life has be crazy busy lately with lots of changes. But I am loving every minute of my life with my sweet family!!!

I am officially a working mommy again, and I am so thankful God has blessed me with this job. It is four minutes from my house, which is amazing!!! I am working for Family Video and it is the first store in Alabama. They actually have almost 750 stores. The company is great, and gives there employees the opportunity to empower themselves. It is so nice to finally be back to work and helping Danny with all of the financial aspects of running a family.

The kids are all fantastic!!! They are growing and thriving and enjoying being kids. Austin is loving 3rd grade! Trenton is rocking 1st grade! And little Miss Addyson (aka Addybell) is loving her Infants class at school. They are all healthy and everyday starts a new adventure.

For everyone who doesn't know, I am the Concession's Director for the EMCRA. Which is where the kiddos play all of there sports. I had to get my ServSafe certificate. With it comes lots of challenges and problems, but the kids are great. And that's why I chose to volunteer, plus it seriously needed some cleaning and attention. However, I don't think I will volunteer for a very LONG time after this. :)

I hope everyone checks back in soon. I may take a little time and post some pics for everyone to see my sweet family. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Life at the Benson's has been busy these last few months. So I promise to post soon, real soon!!!! We have plenty to post about: baseball, life with a cruiser, a birthday party (fast approaching), and many more events. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. And hopefully I can find time to post some of our events.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our 10th Anniversary

On Tuesday, April 20th, Danny and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. I can't believe we have been married for 1o years. These have been the best 10 years of my life, and I look forward to spending many more years with my hubby. I cherish everyday we have together, because really we never know how many days we have here on earth. And he really is the love of my life!

Of course, I am not really sure if our family's thought we would make it. Danny and I met at work, and got married seven months later. A year later, we welcomed our first child, Austin into the world. Those first few years were definately an adventure, but were so fun! We moved to Union Grove to live closer to my family, so my grandmother could babysit. I am so thankful that Austin got to stay with his great grandparents. They were a great help, and Austin is the best eater because of them. We had Trenton three years later, and we felt so blessed to have two sons. Moved back to Huntsville, so Austin could go to school in Huntsville. And then year nine, we welcomed our newest addition, a daughter Addyson.

Ten years later, I think our families now know we were perfect for each other. And every year gets a little better. I can't wait to see what's next for our little family.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A First for Austin

I am one proud Mama today. Well I have been since Thursday, but I have just been too busy to post. Austin had a rough year last year, and so we held him back. And it has been a blessing. His reading has improved, his math has improved, and his language has improved. Every nine weeks he is so close to getting on the honor roll, but it didn't happen. Well this 9 weeks he did!!! He got all B's!!! His dad gave him $20 and we are treating him to a movie tonight.

I am so thankful that he has a teacher that has really worked with him. I think all in all, he has really grown this year. And we are so very proud of him. He has been the best big brother to Addyson and to Trenton. Next 9 weeks he is stiving for some A's. And I am praying that he can bring home some. It may take a little extra time at home, but I want him to reach that goal.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old Friends

I have to say, I have been close to two of my friends since grade school. One, in which, I still talk to almost everyday. And if I don't talk to her, then I am a little sad. We have shared the joys of childhood, school, boyfriends (many of these), marriage, pregnancy, the birth of a child(ren in my case), and the loss of a child. We have been thru a lot together. And then one of you changes. Well this is what is happening in my life as we speak.

After talking to my hubby and my very best friend I have decided that I need to let one of my friends go. I know people change, but money shouldn't change you. It absolutely breaks my heart to have to do this. She was there to witness the birth of Trenton, she was their during my father's accident, Danny and I introduced her to her husband (Danny's best friend), thru her pregnancy with her first child, but life changes people. And for now we are going seperate ways.

I am content living where we live, being a stay-at-home mom, and raising my family. To me, the house and money are not important. To me, my family and God are important. And to me, being there for a friend that has just went thru the worst thing a parent can ever imagine is important. And as we share in a new journey with each other, the pregnancy of her second baby, I pray that God is looking over her first. And I will pray that our friend that has gone her seperate way can find a friend that can be there for her, unconditionally.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lots Going On

Where oh where do I begin. I feel like we have been so busy lately. Between Addyson staying sick with ear infections, the boys school, baseball and t-ball practice, housework, and laundry; well I feel like I am always on the go.

This is our first year of t-ball/baseball, and so far they both love it. Since Austin is older it is going to take him a little time to catch on, but thankfully he has a wonderful coach. And he makes sure he stops to take the time to show the kids what they need to know. I have to say, I was a little nervous the first time he got up to bat last night. But he actually hit the ball, and I loved it. I am trying to be the quiet mom. I don't want to be the parent yelling and screaming on the sidelines, this is simply only a game. And we are trying to teach them that this is for fun. They need to be kids and I don't want them stressing out over sports at this age.

Addyson is really on the go these days. Life with an active baby is a little more difficult but I love it. I am just trying to get us on a schedule. We are trying to work on set nap times and that will be my cleaning/soap opera time. Yes, I do watch one soap opera a day. I grew up with my babysitter and my grandmother watching this show. And if you are wondering what this show may be, well it is The Young and the Restless. Addyson is also starting to be a little more chatty. She waves bye bye to her brothers and daddy every morning. And she has started saying bye bye to them. This is only when she wants to. She loves chewing on anything. And I do mean anything. So all eyes are on Addybell when she is on the go. She also has learned to play with the bar stools, and it is the cutest thing.

I have to say, I am so looking forward to spring break. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. And hopefully I will have a post tomorrow evening about a winning pine wood derby car.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Addyson at 8 and 9 Months

Well I am a little late, but hey better late than never. My sweet, sweet Addyson (aka Addy, Addybell, or Addy Jane) is now 9 months old. We love watching her every move. And every night she seems to be doing something new. This is absolutely one of the busiest stages for mommy and baby. She wants to be everywhere and putting anything possible in her mouth. I have had to do the finger swoop several times and I know there will probably be more. It doesn't matter how many times I sweep and vaccuum, she will find something to put in her mouth.

So what has she learned these last few months....

She can sit herself back up from crawling
Pulling Up to her knees
She got her top teeth (four in all, and is cutting four more)
She can say Mama, Hi, and Bye Bye
She can wave Bye Bye (in different ways, such as the whole arm to the Miss America wave) SO sweet
She is eating Puffs (first finger food)
She loves to explore the house
Loves to play with her brothers
Is a Mommy's girl
And loves her Daddy's attention when he gets home
Oh, and she has started giving love. She loves to snuggle, give hugs, and tries to give kisses.
She still is our picky eater. Her new favorites: mixed vegetables and butternut squash and apples.

At Addyson's 9 Month Checkup she weighed 18 lbs 7 ozs. She is 28 1/2 in. long and her head circ. in 42 1/4 cm. She was in the 81st % for height and 44% for weight. As always, Dr. Patz said she is perfect. She eats three times a day, I know how great is that. She is still eating 6 ounce bottles and eats about 3-3 1/2 jars of stage 2 baby food a day. He told us to start meats and start trying some table food. However, he said with her reflux that she may be 12-15 months old before she can really tolerate table food (just no eggs, peanut butter, or honey).

Addyson is still having ear infections, so they have scheduled her to see an ENT on March 16th. I was hoping we could avoid tubes with Addyson but she just can't get relief. And all of the teeth cutting thru are making her ears worse. So ENT here we come!!!

Addyson is almost in 12 month clothes. She is such a long baby, that her 6-9 month clothes are a little tight and just a little short. She also has moved up to the Swaddlers 2-3 diapers. I love that they make these transition diapers, what a great idea!!!!

I promise to post pics soon. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather!!! And I hope everyone has a very blessed week!