Monday, January 26, 2009

The Weekend

Well I am officially 21 weeks and can no longer wear any of my pants, well with the exception of my sweat pants. So Danny took me shopping for some clothes this weekend, and I found some really good deals. I never knew that Burlington had maternity clothes...and what great deals they had. So I am set for a little while on clothes. Woo Hoo!!!

Last week our new storage building arrived and was set up outside. It is a 10x16 with a loft and will be a nice addition. Danny worked really hard on it all weekend. He insulated the inside, put up a light, and started on the walls. It is going to look really nice, and Danny and the boys will have an extra room. Can we say lots of toys will be out there, and hopefully eventually we will get some workout equipment. I will be needing that by the summer. After 3 kids, your body is just not the same.

Well other than that, the weekend was pretty layed back. I did buy little girl's bedding, and I can't wait to get it in. I bought it on Ebay, from a reputable seller who has a boutique. And I got it for under $100 shipping and all. I just hope that it is as pretty in person than it is online. So hopefully that will arrive soon and we will get started on the room. Danny is moving stuff out for me. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks the room will be ready for her belongings. Oh, and I did splurge this weekend at Gymboree. Yes ladies, I did say that word. It is an addiction of mine. I love that store, I actually use to work there when Austin was little. So little Addyson has two new outfits, a hat, some socks, and a few other necessities. I can't shop there all the time, but she can have a few outfits from there every so often.

Other than that, Trenton got over his bug really fast. He was back at school by Friday and he felt good all weekend. Austin spent the weekend with his nanny & papa and went hunting. He actually saw a buck but they didn't shoot it. So this weekend he wants to go back for the last weekend of hunting. Austin takes a BB gun while my papa takes the real gun. I am so thankful that Austin and Trenton has a great grandfather to do all of these things with.

I hope everyone enjoys there week!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trenton has caught the bug!!!

Yesterday when I picked Trenton up from school, I could tell something was wrong. Plus he was actually picking up his mess, which rarely happens at our house. He started complaining of his stomach hurting, and after a few stops to the bathroom I finally got him home. And just in the right time, because the minute he opened up his door and got out of the truck, he threw up everywhere. And of course being prego, I almost threw up with him. So my wonderful husband came to my rescue and helped get little man inside. We changed his clothes and got him in bed and for the rest of the night, him and Danny made many trip to the bathroom. He seems to be keeping some liquids down this morning, and my wonderful mother-in-law is watching him so I don't have to miss any work.

I have to say I have a wonderful husband. He was so sweet to help out with Trenton, so hopefully I don't catch it. Stomach bugs are really bad on me, and if I ever get one it takes me a while with my IBS to get over it. So hopefully the lysol does it's job and no one else will catch it.

Please just keep little man in your prayers, and hopefully he will get better soon. And keep us in your prayers, so hopefully we want catch the nasty bug!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Bits Name

Danny and I have finally agreed on a name for the new little one...her name is going to be Addyson Victoria Benson. And maybe, just maybe she will be like her mama and have four names. If so her name will be Addyson Victoria Leigh Benson. But that would be a mouthful for such a little girl. So we will just have to sit and think for a little while.

My name is a mouthful, and just to show you here it is...Stefanie Lenessa Faye Morrow Benson. That is exactly what is on my drivers license. I don't have a clue of where my name came from; except for Faye, which is a family name. My dad actually named us all starting with an "S", so I was determined not to do that with our little ones. We both didn't want a real Southern name or her name would have been Addyson Mae (and then chances are everyone would have called her Addy Mae), and I really didn't want that. Mae was Danny's grandmothers name.

So now we have to start on her room. I am thinking pink and brown, polka dots and stripes. Or maybe something a little old fashioned. Not sure yet, I will post pics when we start setting up the room.

Friday, January 16, 2009

More Exciting News

Well my grandmother has finally gotten her wish, there is going to be a little girl around. But wait, there will actually be two. My cousin Clay and his wife Shantelle found out today that they are expecting a little girl too. So little to say, my family is so excited!!! After all the little boys, Emory will finally have some girls to play with. Well that is in a few years.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And Baby Benson Is Going To Be....

Well I can't start off by telling you first, I have to leave you in a little suspense. But first let me tell you about the doctors visit. First of all, it is very COLD outside, and of course there were no parking spots. So I finally found a spot and we had to walk a little piece in the cold weather. Well we got into the office and signed in and barely got seated when she called us back. So they got my belly ready and put all of the gel on it. Of course, my observant Trent had to ask a million questions. And of course he wanted to know right then what it was. Now remember he wants a Boy. So she looked at the brain, the heart, all of the organs, and the blood flow. Everything looked good. The heartbeat was 146 today. The baby measured at 19 weeks 4 days which is a little ahead of schedule, but not much.

And then she got to the biggest question of all. What is the little one going to be....well it is a GIRL!!! 100% GIRL!!! She is just the cutest, and has the sweetest little face and feet. Well as you can guess, Danny and I are so excited!!! I have always wanted a little girl, and so has Danny. Thankfully our prayers have been answered and God is blessing our family with a girl. Now not only are we excited but the entire family is excited. My nanny is ecstatic and so are both of our parents. So finally there will be another girl on my Dad's side of the family. There will be 8 boys, 2 girls and another surprise which will arrive in May too. (My cousin doesn't want to know, so he want let his wife find out, he is just no fun!!!) just kidding

So hopefully we can scan the pics in the computer and I can share them with you all. Oh, and I finally felt the baby move. I just love that feeling. It seems like that just makes it more real. Just keep us in your prayers and we continue this pregnancy. I am praying that this pregnacy goes well and that I can carry her till 38 weeks. Then hopefully she will be ready to come meet the family. So we are officially half way there.


So there is a little excitement around here this just a few hours we will find out what this new addition is going to be. Well that is if this little one cooperates. Austin and Trenton will be going with us today so they can get to see the new little baby as well. So wish us luck this morning....there will be more to come on this later.

In other news....Coen was released from the hospital yesterday. I haven't got to speak to Cyndel yet. But my grandmother said that Coen is doing much better. Hopefully I will get to talk to her today, I know they all needed a little rest yesterday. Thank you for the prayers, I know that they were answered.

Well back to work I go for now....more to come later today.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prayer Request

So about a month ago I posted a blog about my new cousin Coen. Well little Coen needs some prayers. He had to undergo surgery last night to repair his muscle that is between his stomach and his intestines. Somehow this muscle became enlarged so the doctors went in and snipped the muscle. The surgery went well and they have started him back on feedings, slowly. This morning at 8 he was up to about 1 1/2 ounces of formula. If everything goes well today, he will go home tonight. Please keep Coen, Cyndel and Russ in your prayers. Cyndel and Russ are first time parents and I am sure that they are both a little scared and nervous, I know I would be. Just pray that Coen can heal in a timely manner and that Cyndel and Russ have the strength and energy to be there for their precious little one.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Ok, so I have a few questions, and hopefully a few of my fellow blog readers may have some suggestions. First of all, Austin needs a tutor. With our schedules at work, Danny and I just don't have the extra time Austin needs for math and reading. His dibels scores are doing great. However, his grades were terrible on his report card. And while we did Sylvan last year, which did catch him up on reading, I am not sending him back and paying those prices again. It is ridiculously too high. And they expect you to come to at least 3 or 4 sessions a week. It gets very tiring on everyone.

Second, I am starting to look for childcare for the new addition. I know, I have a few months till this baby comes. However, daycares having waiting lists and I need to go ahead and get this little one in line so that when I go back to work the baby has a place to stay. I am praying that my mother-in-law doesn't find a job and she can stay home. (I know, I should be praying for her to find a job, but she would be perfect for the baby. And I trust her.) So we will just have to wait and see what God has in store. Plus Danny has offered to pay her good money to keep the baby.

Well other than that. Pray that little Austin can pull his grades up. Danny and I both are not the types that are going to yell and scream because he doesn't have A's & B's. But I know Austin wants to do better, and with a little help he can.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. And hopefully my next post will be lots of pictures to share with everyone.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well today is just another rainy day here...and I have to say I am so sick of rain! I hate driving in the rain, and I definately don't like being out in the rain. It is amazing how many people are so inconsiderate and think that you should write them an estimate on there car in the pooring rain. Come on people, do you honestly think you are going to get an accurate estimate in the pooring rain. This is just one of the many joys to my job. Oh, and people surely don't understand the reason why they have to have an appt. So I have learned to tell them that they don't just walk-in there doctors office and expect to be helped right then, and they can't expect us to do that either. We have many customers that we must call and help on a daily basis. You have to have a little organization for this to happen. Sorry for all of the work ranting.

Well in other news...I am now 18 weeks pregnant and I feel okay. I have gained 4 lbs total so far. I had to go to the doctor yesterday for some upper abdominal pains but they are much better today. They did an ultrasound and made sure that all of my organs looked good and that the baby looked good and healthy. We were both good except for one of my kidneys. It was a little enlarged, but the doctor said that this could be caused by the pregnancy. As long as the pain stopped I am good with that. Other than that, we find out next Thursday what the little one is going to be.

Austin started back to school today after his long break. He actually was looking forward to going back. Trenton is doing good too. He has been doing lots of math lately. To be 5 he is a smart little boy. We ask him random addition problems and he is pretty good about solving them. I can't wait for next year. I think kindergarten will be good for him. He loves to learn, and I think right now he is a little bored with Pre-K.

Well other than that Danny is doing good. He has been a huge help to me lately. If I don't feel well, he lets me lay down and he takes over. He has been cooking dinner, which ladies I love. He actually, and I hate to say this, cooks better than me. I have to say, I am blessed to have a Wonderful Husband!!! And thankfully I have him to help me out when I don't feel well.