Friday, November 19, 2010

Lots Going On

Hi my fellow bloggers, I have finally decided to start blogging again. Life has be crazy busy lately with lots of changes. But I am loving every minute of my life with my sweet family!!!

I am officially a working mommy again, and I am so thankful God has blessed me with this job. It is four minutes from my house, which is amazing!!! I am working for Family Video and it is the first store in Alabama. They actually have almost 750 stores. The company is great, and gives there employees the opportunity to empower themselves. It is so nice to finally be back to work and helping Danny with all of the financial aspects of running a family.

The kids are all fantastic!!! They are growing and thriving and enjoying being kids. Austin is loving 3rd grade! Trenton is rocking 1st grade! And little Miss Addyson (aka Addybell) is loving her Infants class at school. They are all healthy and everyday starts a new adventure.

For everyone who doesn't know, I am the Concession's Director for the EMCRA. Which is where the kiddos play all of there sports. I had to get my ServSafe certificate. With it comes lots of challenges and problems, but the kids are great. And that's why I chose to volunteer, plus it seriously needed some cleaning and attention. However, I don't think I will volunteer for a very LONG time after this. :)

I hope everyone checks back in soon. I may take a little time and post some pics for everyone to see my sweet family. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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