Monday, March 8, 2010

Addyson at 8 and 9 Months

Well I am a little late, but hey better late than never. My sweet, sweet Addyson (aka Addy, Addybell, or Addy Jane) is now 9 months old. We love watching her every move. And every night she seems to be doing something new. This is absolutely one of the busiest stages for mommy and baby. She wants to be everywhere and putting anything possible in her mouth. I have had to do the finger swoop several times and I know there will probably be more. It doesn't matter how many times I sweep and vaccuum, she will find something to put in her mouth.

So what has she learned these last few months....

She can sit herself back up from crawling
Pulling Up to her knees
She got her top teeth (four in all, and is cutting four more)
She can say Mama, Hi, and Bye Bye
She can wave Bye Bye (in different ways, such as the whole arm to the Miss America wave) SO sweet
She is eating Puffs (first finger food)
She loves to explore the house
Loves to play with her brothers
Is a Mommy's girl
And loves her Daddy's attention when he gets home
Oh, and she has started giving love. She loves to snuggle, give hugs, and tries to give kisses.
She still is our picky eater. Her new favorites: mixed vegetables and butternut squash and apples.

At Addyson's 9 Month Checkup she weighed 18 lbs 7 ozs. She is 28 1/2 in. long and her head circ. in 42 1/4 cm. She was in the 81st % for height and 44% for weight. As always, Dr. Patz said she is perfect. She eats three times a day, I know how great is that. She is still eating 6 ounce bottles and eats about 3-3 1/2 jars of stage 2 baby food a day. He told us to start meats and start trying some table food. However, he said with her reflux that she may be 12-15 months old before she can really tolerate table food (just no eggs, peanut butter, or honey).

Addyson is still having ear infections, so they have scheduled her to see an ENT on March 16th. I was hoping we could avoid tubes with Addyson but she just can't get relief. And all of the teeth cutting thru are making her ears worse. So ENT here we come!!!

Addyson is almost in 12 month clothes. She is such a long baby, that her 6-9 month clothes are a little tight and just a little short. She also has moved up to the Swaddlers 2-3 diapers. I love that they make these transition diapers, what a great idea!!!!

I promise to post pics soon. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather!!! And I hope everyone has a very blessed week!

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