Thursday, June 26, 2008


So today I had to take the dog to the vet....and this is not a small dog. Ranger is a weimaraner, well I hope I spelled that RIGHT!!! He is a blue, but he is a very dark grey color. He is a beautiful yet hyper dog. And did I mention he is an inside dog. Well so he has a little place on his leg that he is losing hair. I thought he got cut or bit. So here I go off to the vet with Ranger and Trenton. Well first off, this dog is huge. And he tried to ride in front of the car in the little green Honda. So the dog stands up in the seat the whole time, and of course causes me problems driving. So we finally arrive at the vet. What an experience, and needless to say I want be doing it again by myself. The dog weighs 66.2 pounds and here I am trying to pull the dog into the vet because he was scared. So I finally get him in and he freaks out!!! He starts jumping on all of the chairs, putting his front paws on the counter, and sniffing all of the other dogs. So they put us in the exam room. Well they run there tests, and decide to put him on some steroids. Now we are going to take these pills, and see how he does. If this doesn't work, then the vet informs me that he may need some doggy prozac. So lets hope the steroids work. However, the prozac may calm him down. :) So little to say I finally got checked out and made it home. Let's just say Danny will be taking to dog from now on. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a Week...So Far

So Saturday, Trenton and I had some one on one time, and it was great. Well, except for the fact that the power went off for like 2 hours. But hey, we made the best of it. We got to play the WII for the first time, well my first time. He was so cute bowling. It is a very interactive system, so it works out really good for him. Then Danny and Austin got home and I got to bowl with him and Danny. Austin had me laughing so hard at his bowling skills. He thinks that it is necessary to swoop your arm around a few times before you hit the release button. Lets just hope the child doesn't need shoulder surgery by the age of ten.

Well Sunday I spent unpacking again and doing laundry. I was behind from the move, and then with no power on Saturday it just made me further behind. But I have to say that we are loving the house repairs so far. With new flooring and some paint, it looks like a whole different place. Oh, and did I mention we got rounded corners. This really looks like a house on the inside. Our next project is the outside. Danny spent most of the day Sunday redoing the underpinning. It looks great. The next project will be the yard and some flower beds. This will be our first experience with flower beds, so if anyone has suggestions on plants to use, feel free to let me know.

This week has been a little crazy at work, plus the honda wanted to act up. So the car is in the shop, nothing too major, just a radiator and a few other things. And work, well we are just swamped!!! I guess that is a good thing since this month ends the quarter. But that means Monday will be paperwork day. And oh, how I dislike paperwork!!!

Well Austin had his last tutoring session today, or so I thought. Looks like he didn't finish the program like they had hoped. But we are going to give him a little break. He has been going 8 hours a week to tutoring, so he needs a little bit of his summer to play. We go next week to see how much of the program he likes, plus to see how much extra they are going to charge. Sylvan really is great, but they are very EXPENSIVE!!!

Well back to work I go!!! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Love My Home

So Danny and I started moving back in on Monday night. Oh how I loved being back in my own bed and in my house. It looks wonderful but messy!!! So this weekend I will be cleaning and moving furniture back to it's place. I have to say that we were blessed to have had two wonderful workers. They worked day, nights, and weekends to try to get my home ready for me to host my dinner; and they almost succeeded. And they worked Father's Day! So I have to say a big "Thank You" to them. And a big "Thank You" to my in-laws for letting us stay with them. They were so gracious for letting us stay with them and letting us host our supper club there. Well back to work I go, for now at least.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Want My House Back

The home repairs are moving along, however, last night we had to move out of our house. The workers are great, and have been trying to work around us. But they are trying to work in the kitchen, living room, and hallway now and there is dust everywhere. So for Trenton's sake we are staying out of the house. I just want my house back!!!! I don't think I realized how lucky we are to be able to go home, cook our dinner, and sit down and enjoy some time with the little ones. But for now, we are just trying to make do. That means, eating out for dinner and staying at night with the inlaws. So please pray that our house gets done quickly so we can have our lives back. I miss my home and I miss my own space!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Update on home repairs

So I thought I would give everyone a little update on our home repair process. So the first part of the process is half way completed. They have finished changing out the boards on the front part of the house. And they started on the back part today. As I type, I am sitting with no back door. We have plastic up so hopefully we get no bugs and we can keep some of the cool air inside. This is an adventure, and with the heat, it is going to be a slow process during the day. So right now our two wonderful workers are really praying for some shade. And I really can't blame them. So right now there schedule is a little weird. They work from about 9 or 10 in the morning till about 2. Then they go to the hotel to rest and are back from 4pm till about 11 or 12. So we are attempting to stay home as long as possible. But in the next few day we will have to start staying with Danny's parents. Please pray that we all can live together in peace and that we are patient in this process. I know the slow process will be in weeks to come but I am hopeful that once they get inside that it will go a little faster. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


The workers showed up last night to start repairs on the house. Please keep us in your prayers that we don't go crazy. We are going to try to live there while they do the work, however, once they get to the living room/kitchen area I am not so sure. So for now, they are going to start on the outside and they will work there way around the house. I just hope and pray that they fix the problem this time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another week in my shoes....

Sorry I haven't blogged lately, but well, I have just been crazy lately. So where do I begin....well school started last Tuesday. Oh course, seeing how I procrastinate, I had not went and bought my books. Which really, I never have until I looked over the syllabus. Sometimes, they don't require you to buy your book. Well all three classes did. So all week I tried leaving work to get over to the off campus bookstore to buy my books. Well, finally Thursday afternoon Trenton and I finally got there. But they were closed, yes ladies closed. And this was after I rushed to leave work at 5, pick up Trenton from daycare, and then rush all the way down the parkway and venture onto University Drive. So I pull into the parking lot at about 5:45 and they were closed!!! They closed at 5 o'clock!!! I mean, come on, some people do have to work and are not fortunate to get to leave there desk for lunch. So I thought since I drove all the way down University Drive then at least we could go out to eat for dinner. Danny was working late anyways, so Trenton and I went and took him to eat at Rosie's. Of course, that was an adventure too because Trenton really doesn't do well at restaurants. But hey, he is 4, and they waitress really was in no hurry!!!

Friday afternoon Austin came back home from nanny and papa's. He loves staying with them during the summer. And although I miss him terribly during the week, I know that these memories with them will last forever. Nanny and Papa are Austin's great grandparents, so really he is a lucky kid. He actually got to spend some quality time with his great great grandparent's but they have since past. So Friday evening we took Austin out to dinner at Mama Mia's with a couple of our friends. We had such a nice time, and the restaurant had an arcade, so Austin had a good time too!!! Afterwards, we went to try out the new ice cream shop, and it was so--- good! Then it was back home to get some rest.

Saturday mornings are always and adventure at our house. Austin has tutoring, I am trying to get some chores done, and my husband seems to always disappear. So this Saturday, Danny get up to go help a friend with his a.c. unit, so off me and the boys went. First we dropped Austin off at Sylvan then Trenton and I went to the Off Campus bookstore to get my books (which they only have 2 of the 3), and then we went to Old Navy. Of course, then we had to rush to get Austin and go get our haircuts. Now usually, I go get my haircut by myself. Girls we all know, that is a good place to have a little relaxation!! Well, not for me this time. So I let the boys go first. And then while I attempted to get my haircut, my kids thought they would have a water fight with the spray bottles. So finally she got my haircut. And girls, it is way cute!!! Of course, it is a little short, but I LOVE it!!! And I even got the hubby's approval!!! So afterwards, the boys and I got to spend a little time with my best friend Michelle. She lives in Georgia and came home for the weekend. After all of this I went home got the kids ready and went over to our friends house for dinner. Of course, my husband finally showed up at 7:40. I could tell he was exhausted, but I was also a little upset because we only get to spend the weekends with Austin and he spent a day working with someone else. But I didn't say anything, I just kept my mouth shut. On a lighter note, Danny's great aunt Velma passed away on Saturday.

So Sunday, I spent on homework. That was my plans on Saturday, but since Danny wasn't home I just spent the day with the boys. And of course, the class I don't have the book in, and still don't have the book in has the most work. So I completed my work for the other two classes. So far, so good. I just am hoping that I get the swing of these classes.

Well Monday we worked all day and had visitation that night. It is strange with Danny's family because they are not close. So the only time we see them is usually at the funeral home or a funeral. I know that sounds morbid but it is the truth.

Then yesterday, we went to Velma's funeral. She lived a great life, had a wonderful family, and loved God. I had no idea that she was a member of the Church of Christ. So we spend the morning mourning a loss but also rejoicing because now she is where we all want to be when our lives come to an end. After the funeral, we got to spend a little time with Danny's aunt Sherry and her husband. They live in Georgia, so it was nice catching up. Afterwards, I went back to work. Last night we spent having a wonderful dinner from Thai Garden (now girls, if you have never had their food, it is divine), and then we took Trenton and Ranger (the dog) out to play. What a wonderful night, after a day of sorrow.

So ladies, I guess now you see how crazy my week's go. Sometimes I really want to be a stay-at-home mom, but then I realize that if I really want that house, I need to continue with my career. Just keep my in your prayers, that I can balance God, my family, work, and school. Sometimes I think on Sundays, that I need a rest. But I know that God will take care of me if I just continue on my path. Oh and girls, I ordered that book for class online Saturday evening, and do you know, I still don't have that book. So wish me luck with that class, hopefully the book will arrive this week, so I can spend the weekend catching up with school. What a weekend to look forward too!