Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another update...

Danny's mom had her surgery yesterday, and came thru it fine. They actually put two external braces on her arm, and it really doesn't look that bad. Her hand wasn't very swollen last night, and really her arm wasn't either. The only problem she has had is from the pain meds. My father-in-law told them that she cries coming out of anesthesia. Crazy, I know, but she has always done it. So the nurse, who didn't listen, just starts giving her pain meds. So last night she was pretty sick, but this morning she said she felt better.

Trenton had his first asthma attack of the year. We had such a good winter with him that I thought, maybe just maybe he was growing out of it. And then comes Spring. So we did breathing treatments last night and he was a lot better this morning. So I explained his asthma to his teacher this morning and told him what to watch for. Trenton doesn't wheezewith his asthma like most kids do. He coughs and doesn't stop coughing. Thankfully, he has done good today. So maybe the rain is helping.

Thanks again for all of the prayers. Hopefully Deborah will be out of the brace in 5 weeks and she can get back to her sewing before Addyson arrives.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

29 Week Check-Up

Today was my 29 week check up, and so far we are both doing good. Addyson's heart rate was 151 and she was just a kicking today during the appt. I still have not dilated, woohoo. So we go back in two more weeks. He said that since I am still having the contractions, that they need to keep a close eye on me. Now, if I could sleep thru the night. I guess this is just preparing me for what is to come. Hopefully, little Addyson will be a good sleeper.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Trenton and I took Deborah (Danny's mom) to the doctor this morning at Sports Med. Looks like the doctor at the ER last night didn't have a clue of what he was talking about. She has crushed a bone in her wrist and broke a bone in her arm. So tomorrow she will have day surgery to repair the arm and wrist and they will put her in an external brace. If you don't know what an external brace is, well it sort of looks like a halo except it is on your arm.

Please keep her in your prayers. She broke this same wrist 9 years ago and had the same surgery. We are just praying that she will still have full use of her wrist when she heals.

Say a little prayer....

Yesterday afternoon Danny's parents were playing badmitten with the boys. They were having the best time, well that is until there was a little accident. Danny's mom fell on her arm (the same wrist that she broke a few years back). Poor little Trenton was scared to death. Danny's mom and Trenton are becoming super close. So Danny and his Dad got Deborah loaded in the car and we picked up the yard and got the house locked up for them.

After a long trip to the E.R., they think she has broke her arm. I am on my way now to take her to the doctor to see what they need to do. Please keep her in your prayers that they don't have to do surgery. She is just devasted right now, she has been busy sewing for Addyson.

I will keep you all up-to-date.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Addyson's 4D Ultrasound

We are stil working on her room. It is slowly coming along. My mother-in-law just finished her valance and panels, I have to say they are too cute. She did a fabulous job out of two valances that came with her bedding. Hopefully her room will be complete in the next couple of weeks.



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! The boys will be attending the St. Patrick's Day parade to day with my mother-in-law, which they were so excited about. I bought them hats and sunglasses so they could be festive. I sent my camera with Beelah, so hopefully she will get some good pictures of the boys. I have to miss out since I am still working. But only 2 more weeks, then I can enjoy the special occassions with them.

Well I hope everyone enjoys there day. I have lots of pics to share of the boys bedroom, we completed it last night. Well I should say my husband completed it last night. The boys love it, and so do we. Hopefully I will get out of here in time to post pics before supper club.

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

What a week....

I am so thankful that today is Friday. It has been a very stressful week around our home. Austin got sick Monday at school so I took off and went to pick him up, and of course they didn't want him to come back Tuesday (because he had a 98.9 fever). Tuesday he stayed home with Deborah (Danny's mom). Wednesday he went back to school and did really well. Wednesday afternoon we met with Austin's teacher and tutor, and well that just added more stress. They think Austin had a learning disability in math. This was very hard for us to hear, but it is something we have thought for a while. Austin is a very bright student. His teacher adores him and so does his tutor. We will meet with a committee at Austin's school in April for them to look over his grades and make a final decision whether or not they will test him. So for now, we will continue with tutoring and work extra hard at home on his math.

Well after all of this on Wednesday, Austin got sick again on Thursday at school. So this time I called the doctor. This is the 3rd time he has called home in 2 weeks with vomiting. Of course I called the doctor's office on a very busy day, and had to wait for hours on the nurse to call me back. Well they got Austin an appt. for first thing this morning. The doctor believes Austin has upper and lower GI problems. So she put Austin on Prevacid once-a-day for reflux. They also tested him for diabetes, thankfully he does not have that. She does think that we need to get Austin's tonsils taken out at some point. And at some point he will have to be tested for IBS, Chrohn's, Celiac Disease, and all of the other lovely gastro issues. She also told him no carbonated beverages and that we need to pack his lunch everyday. We will go back in 3 months to see how he is doing, or sooner if the meds don't stop him from vomiting.

Thankfully next week is spring break. Of course, I have to work. But my Mother-in-Law and my grandmother are going to watch him. Hopefully the weather will get a little better and he will get to do a little something FUN.

Since I have talked about Austin, here is a little update on Trenton. He is officially registered for kindergarten. I really can't believe that he will be going to kindergarten next year. His last day at Primrose is March 27th, and he is going to be my little helper. He is still learning his address, and hopefully he will get that down soon. He knows my phone number, his dads, and his Beelah's (Danny's mom). He has mastered all of his letters, numbers, and sounds. I am so proud of him!!! The teachers have come to learn that he is just bored at school. So little to say, I am going to have my hands full with him at home. The preschool thinks that he will be ahead of the rest of his class, which makes me so proud. So this summer we are going to start working on sight words and a few other things.

I am now 27 1/2 weeks pregnant. Still having the contractions but I haven't progressed any. Yeah!!! The doctor thinks that I will just continue to have contractions, so I will just have to continue to feel this pain a few more weeks. I just keep telling myself that it will be so worth it once she is here. So for now they will monitor me every two weeks, unless the contractions get worse.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Oh, and my lovely husband hopefully will bring my 4D disk home today so I can share our pics of Addyson.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

26 Week Appt.

Today was my 26 week appt. We had our 4D ultrasound and then I saw Dr. Rushing for my checkup. I will post pics tonight of our ultrasound, she is going to be the cutest little girl (I think she is going to look like her brother (Trenton) and her Daddy.) After the ultrasound we had to wait a while to see the doctor. We finally got back to the room and of course I had to undress (ugh), so they could check me again. Well everything checked out good today. My cervix is still softened but hasn't changed, Yea! So we go back in two more weeks.

In other news, I turned in my notice today. My last day is March 31st and I am so excited!!! I am excited that I will get to spend a little time with Austin and Trenton before little girl arrives. I am excited that I can get a few things done in the house and hopefully get all of my laundry done. I know, this will probably never happen, but I want to get the baskets emptied for at least one day.

Also, Trenton is feeling much better. I am thankful that my little boy is getting back to himself. He is back to his normal activities, but we are still making him rest. Normal, except for fighting. That is not allowed right now. I don't need him to get really hurt.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I hope we all can enjoy this warm weather we are suppose to get.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sick little boy

Last week Trenton started getting sick. One morning he dry heaved, so he layed around the rest of that day at his grandmother's house. Then the rest of the week, he just wasn't himself. Saturday morning we got up and did a few things in the house (you know those lovely chores) and Trenton asked to take a nap, which never happens on the weekends. So he went and got in my bed and told me to turn off the lights and the tv. (Now this is the child that sleeps with the tv on every night.) So he took a nap and then we had to go to town and buy a baby shower gift. The whole time in town he wanted to go home. Saturday night we had to drive to Guntersville to eat dinner (which I did not want to do, but I did it), and Trenton wanted to lay down in the restaurant. We put some chairs together, and he slept. Sunday, still layed around all day, and still wouldn't eat much. So yesterday I decided that he probably needed to go to the doctor. I mean, I know kids get viruses and feel icky. But Trenton is always my little man who has ALL of the energy and is always on the go.

So yesterday morning I stayed home from work and called the doctor. Now I started calling at 7:30 and finally got someone at 7:55, the first available to see our doctor, 2:30. So Trenton and I stayed in and lounged around all day till his appt. Well we go in and they look him over and they want to poke his finger. I have to say, Trenton is the best child when it comes to needles. He sat there and didn't make a peep, all he wanted to know is when the guy would quit squeezing his finger. Well Dr. Patz finally came in and reviewed his blood test, and well it isn't a little bug. Trenton has mono. So he is at home resting for a little while. No meds, just lots of rest!!!

Well I went back to work today and Trenton is staying home with his Beelah (Danny's mom). He is feeling a little better today. He has started eating and he is trying to play a little. Please keep us in your prayers. Hopefully Trenton will be back to himself soon, and pray that no one else catches this.