Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a week

Monday evening Danny took Addyson back to the doctor for a recheck on her ears. I was at the grocery store when they called, so he decided he would take her. Addyson's ear looked a little better, but he went ahead and gave her another Rocephin shot to see if it would clear up the infection. Especially since she had been on the antibiotics already for 6 days and was still not better.

Tuesday morning Addyson had a runny nose but seemed okay, she is cutting her top two teeth so I expect a little runny nose. Wednesday she just didn't seem like she felt good and started coughing. Thursday, well she was worse, and seemed to wheezing a little with the coughing spells. So I called the Dr. again. Thursday afternoon we went back in to see Dr. Patz. And this time, we didn't get good news. Our sweet Addybell has RSV. And guess what, there is no meds they can give her. She has been sick off and on since December. We all need a break. Especially since the copays and medicine can get a wee bit expensive. And right now, Danny and I just feel helpless. You want to make your child feel better fast, but this time we just have to be patient.

On a sweet note, Addyson said Mama on Friday when she was crying and wanted me to hold her. It was so sweet. Today and tomorrow should be our worst days, please pray that Addyson starts to get well and we don't have to make any trips to the ER. And please pray that the RSV doesn't cause another ear infection.

Danny leaves tonight for B'ham, and leaves for Chicago in the morning. Please pray that he has a safe trip and that I don't miss him too much. This is the first time that he has been away from us this long, and it is really hard on him because Addyson is sick. I know I will be fine, especially since I have Danny's parents close and my mom close. I just don't want him to worry to much while he is gone. And hopefully these next two weeks will fly by.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Danny's New Job...Update

January 4th Danny started his new job with Allstate Insurance. The first week was a little challenging for me because he was in Birmingham for training for three days and two nights. That was three days with three kids by myself. And I did it!!! I missed him so much and was so thankful to have him home.

Allstate is a great company that he can retire with...something that you really don't look at when you are young or should I say think about. But hey, we are both "gasp" in our thiries, and we need to start really looking at our futures. And he will move up in senority at the end of the year because two of the adjusters in this area are retiring. They both have been with Allstate over 30 years, that is something that you don't see much anymore in companies.

The number one perk so far....he has already been told to pick his first week of vacation. That's right...his boss wants them to take vacation and he is not to answer his work phone. So different than Joe Hudson's. His first week of vacation is planned for the week of our 10 year anniversary. How exciting is that!!!! I am so thankful that all of his hard work over these year's is finally paying off.

Now for the hard part, Danny has to go for training in Chicago Jan.31st-Feb.12th. So I guess I will really learn then how to do it by myself. I think my mom is going to come stay with me some, just so I don't lose my sanity. :) Danny and I have never been apart for more than a few days in our marriage, but I know that we can do it, I will just miss him like crazy. He will get to experience his first plane ride, that's right, he has never been on a plane. I think this is a blessing because if he wasn't being made, he probably would never do it. And I love planes!!!

Thanks everyone who has been following our journey. This job has definately been a blessing for our family! And I thank God everyday for giving Danny this opportunity and me the opportunity to be home. What more could a girl ask for???

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look Who's Sick Again!!!

That's right, our sweet Addybell is sick again. She has another ear infection, this time her right ear. And even though she may cry constantly, wake up at all hours of the night, who could resist that sweet baby. And our sweet Dr. was out, so Addy met Dr. Klemm, whom she didn't like at first. He gave her some oral antibiotics (that I am sneeking into her bottle) and some pain drops for her ear. Hopefully our sweet baby will be feeling better really soon!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Saturday night we treated the boys to a movie with some of our dear friends. We took them to see Avatar. If you haven't seen this movie, it is definitely worth going to the theatres to see. The scenery in this movie was amazing and the storyline was great. Trenton however sat in my lap or next to me for most of the movie. And afterwards he told me that he preferred watching movies in his bedroom. I totally agreed with him. As much as I love going to the movies and eating some of that yummy popcorn, I would prefer to sit in my livingroom and be all comfy watching a movie. :)

And little Miss Addybell had her a special evening with her grandmother and grandfather. What more could a little girl ask for.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve this year. We spent it with Danny's parents and some of our friends. I love spending the New Year with my kids. We ate and played Apples to Apples, and had so much fun. My New Year's resolution: saving money and becoming a better wife. Last year I started shopping with coupons, and this year I want to keep a record of my savings. We started shopping at Kroger, and I love seeing how much I save each week. Sometimes I venture to Publix if they have what I need on sale that week. It really feels good when I see how much I saved at the end of my transaction.

I love my husband dearly, and I know he works very hard to give our family all that we need. So I want to try to accomplish having dinner ready when he gets home every night (or just setting a dinner time), getting this laundry on a schedule and sticking to it, and trying to set a date night at least once a month. Easier said than done with three kids, but I am going to try to accomplish this. We haven't had a date night in month's.

I hope if you set New Year's resolutions that you work hard to obtain your goals. I know that I am going to work hard to obtain mine.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

Xander (my nephew) and Addyson
Here is a few of the cousins
(Austin, Addy, Emory, Xander, Elijah, & Trenton)
Danny and Addyson
Coen & Addy

Christmas was very eventful this year, and with three kids very busy. We had so much fun with all of our family. I love spending time with my family!!! I think over the years I have learned to appreciate them more and more. That being said, I am buying myself a camera with income tax money this year. It really stinks not having a camera of your own to capture each moment. But thankfully my sister captured a few pics, she would have had more had my other sister not turned the camera on to record (that is another story for a different blog). And my Aunts always take lots of pictures so hopefully soon I will get to see a few of them. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your families this year. Each year we start new traditions, and I hope we can continue some of these next year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Addyson is 7 Months Old

Addyson and My Aunt Linda
I just love Addy's expression on her face
Here she is trying to stand up
Her favorite toy, thanks to Jessica
My snow bunny
She loves playing
Here she is dressed for the cold
I just love this little girl
On December 23rd, Addyson turned 7 months old. Sometimes I wish the days would just slow down a little. Before I know it she will be one. She is learning so many new things and is the happiest baby, she loves smiling and laughing. She laughs at the craziest things (two brothers acting very silly). We had our first big ear infection and cold, and actually started yummy antibiotics on her birthday. What a way to celebrate 7 months.

Addyson weighs around 16 lbs 10 ozs. She is still in her 6-9 month clothes, but her little tooties are getting toward the ends in her sleepers. She is such a long baby. She still wears her size 2 diapers. She loves to sleep, she sleeps till about 9 every morning and sometimes a little later. She still eats 6 oz bottles about 3 times a day. She also eats cereal with fruit every morning, has some vegetables at lunch, and cereal before bed. However, Addyson is my picky eater. Since starting foods she only likes a few things. She loves pear and applesauce. She does not like bananas, sweet potatoes, and carrots. However, I can sneak some bananas and sweet potatoes in if I mix them with applesauce or pears. She just tried peas and loves them. In the next month I want to start introducing stage 2 foods, and we are hoping to find more foods that she will love.

Addyson can now sit up. Woohoo!!! She has also learned to fall down. I love experiencing all of the firsts with her. She is still trying very hard to crawl. It is fun watching her try to new ways to try to crawl. She has got the knees down, now to learn to get those little arms going. However, that doesn't slow her down. I have learned that she is not going to stay on her pallet, so we just let her crawl on the floor. And the boys are learning that we don't bring small toys to the living room.

Every month gets a little more exciting. And every month she starts showing a little more personality. Having a daughter is amazing. Austin and Trenton love their baby sister, and everyday they see that she loves them too. Her little face just lights up when she sees her Daddy and her brothers. Oh, and did I mention she is starting to reach for us. I love it!!!! This has to be one of my favorite stages. And I can't wait to see what joy the next few months bring.