Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sneak Peak

Our pictures are back and I am so excited!!! I can't wait to go pick up my disk, but our photographer is having surgery so I have to be patient. So if you want to check out our pictures go to click on enter site, and look in upper left hand corner and click on proofs. The album name is "Benson". I can't wait to get my CD and print out our pictures. I already know I am going to have a hard time choosing, she did such a good job with all of the kiddos. Let me know what your favorites are...And soon I will post ours.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saving a little money

Since I have been staying home, I have been trying to concentrate on saving a little money. It takes a little more time but is so worth it when I do my shopping. I try not to buy diapers or wipes without a coupon. Formula is another story because I don't find as many coupons for Enfamil. I am happy to say that Monday I saved $15.50 at Walmart using coupons and I saved an additional $6.25 at Kroger. Plus I used my Kroger card and saved an additional 15.27, so my grand total of savings on Monday were $37.02. I usually do all of my shopping at Kroger because they double my coupons, but I had a lot of $1.00 coupons and some things are just cheaper at Walmart. Plus I am learning that if you go early mornings it is less crowded.

I also have been shopping at several stores to buy the kids school supplies. Staples is a wonderful place to buy school supplies because they have $.01 and $.25 sales. Also CVS is great because they give you money back. Target had a deal a few weeks ago that you could get a bookbag and lunch bag for $14.oo, and my kids actually went for it. I know I have saved a ton of money by shopping these sales and not waiting till last minute.

Well, in other news around our house, I am officially back to work part-time. I love still being at home most of the time but I also like that I am helping out financially. I love the shop in Decatur. There is less stress and I love the two managers. If Danny's mom goes back to work full-time then we will have to rethink me working.

The boys had there dental appts. today, and they are cavity free. I was one happy mom considering the fact that I have two boys that don't want to brush their teeth. I guess the nagging is paying off. Plus I will have two soccer stars soon. We got them signed up last night and we will start practice in a couple of weeks. Plus Danny signed up to coach, which means I will have a little more added to my plate. It will be a great experience for him to coach one of the boys (most likely Trenton, but we are still waiting to find out).

Addyson is doing great. She is becoming our little chunky monkey as I call her. I know she will miss the boys when they go back to school as will I. I think she will make it a little easier when I have to take Trenton to kindergarten. I will have to post more on that subject soon.

Well I better get back to the tons of laundry that are calling my name, plus the bathrooms, and the floors. I am looking forward to getting the house cleaned and keeping it clean for a few hours while the boys are in school. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 Months Old

Our sweet baby at 8 weeks
Here she is a little mad
She loves her brother
Sherilyn, Addyson, and Austin
Her favorite person
Mommy & Baby Girl
My Sister, Addyson, and Me
Her first Fourth of July outfit
Her first trip to Church
(Daddy didn't let her wear the bonnet)

Thursday, our little baby girl was two months old. It is hard to believe how fast the time is flying by. She went for her 2-month checkup on Tuesday. She weighs a whopping 10 lbs and 13 ozs and is 23 1/2 in. long. She is in the 85th percentile in height and 55th percentile in weight. Little to say, I don't think Addyson will be short like me. Both of my sisters are tall, so I guess she will take after them and her Daddy. She is smiling more and more, she pushes up when she is laying on her belly, she loves to be talked to, and she can roll over from her belly to back (when she is mad). I think Miss Addyson will be mobile way before her brothers ever thought about it. She was drinking 5 ounces every 3-4 hours and spitting up after every feeding. Dr. Patz changed her feeding due to her reflux. So Dr. Patz is having us try 4 ounces of formula with cereal added. This surprised me because Dr. Patz is not a fan of cereal before 4 months, but he said that it helps babies with reflux keep the formula down. So far it is working wonderfully. It was either cereal or more meds, and I really don't like giving my kids a lot of meds. Plus cereal is a lot less expensive.

I am so thankful that God blessed our family with 3 kiddos. I am especially thankful that Addyson has two older brothers. I know that she will always be watched over.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Working Woman...Again

That is right ladies...I am working part-time again. I am working part-time at the Joe Hudson's in Decatur. They had a hail storm about a month ago, so 5 weeks after Addyson was born I came back to work. I only work 2-3 days a week, and I will only have to work till the shop slows down. It actually has been nice to have a little time away and make a little money. When you get use to two incomes and go down to one, it gets a little difficult.. Well then comes little Addyson and we find out just how bad our insurance is. I even called Blue Cross before I had her to see what we would be charged, they just left out the fact that we would have to pay the doctor and the lab. So I don't mind helping out a few weeks to get that paid off.

Austin and Trenton are enjoying there summer and they are getting ready to go back to school. They spend most of there days outdoors riding bikes or in there pool. Addyson is now 7 weeks old and she enjoys every minute with her brothers. She loves for her brothers to hold her and talk to her. She is starting to smile and they just light up when she does. We had her first pictures made this weekend along with some of the boys and family shots. I can't wait to share the pics that were made of her and of the boys. The family photos were a different story. Trenton did not want to cooperate, so we will be lucky if we have one good shot. Next time, we will do family photos first so that hopefully we will have a few to choose from. :)

I hope everyone has a great week. I will post pics this week when I find a little free time to upload my camera. And you did read that right Stacy, I finally made Danny show me how.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Guess Who Rolled Over...

Today while I was trying to do laundry I had Addyson laying on her pallet in the floor. She was a bit fussy so I had her laying on her tummy. Well, she got really mad, and when I came back in the room to check on her she was on her back. Hopefully this was a fluke. We don't need a 6 week old rolling over. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Very Sad 4th of July

A very sad 100th post. Yesterday was a very sad 4th of July for Danny and I. My very best friend since preschool went into labor with her first child, she was 37 weeks pregnant. It should have been the most wonderful day of there lives, however, God had other plans. Michelle and Randy got to the hospital to find out that the baby had no heartbeat. There first son, Logan Parker Taylor, did not make it.

I am devasted! Addyson and Logan would have been 6 weeks apart and would have been the best of friends. Please keep Michelle and Randy and the rest of their family & friends in your prayers as they go thru this very difficult time. I can't even imagine what she feels like right now, but my heart is aching for her. I know God has other plans for baby Logan and I just pray that with time they can get thru this.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Look Who Is Six Weeks Old...

Addyson was 6 weeks old yesterday. She is eating 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours. She slept thru the night for the first time last Tuesday. It hasn't happened since, but I have hope that in the near future she will be sleeping thru the night. Typically, she gets up once a night, so I am not complaining. She loves tummy time, and actually prefers sleeping on her belly. However, we try not to let her sleep on her belly unless I can watch her closely, but sometimes she want sleep any other way. She is starting to stay awake a little longer and loves to be talked to. She loves outside so we try to take her out when we have a little shade, or early in the morning. She loves to cry in the evenings but hopefully that will end soon. I think she has had a stomach ache, but hopefully karo syrup will help with that matter. :) And have I mentioned she loves her daddy!!! She will sleep most of the day, but as soon as he gets home she wakes up.
I hope everyone has a Happy 4th!!! We have big plans today with both sides of our family. So more posts will come soon.