Thursday, February 26, 2009

Decision Time

Danny and I have been talking for some time now about me becoming a stay-at-home mommy. I love working outside the home, however lately my job has become too stressful. My managers are more worried about money than they are about there employees. So while I have been on strict orders from my doctor, my bosses think that I am lying. While I have cried and cried over this situation, I think this baby I am carrying is more important than my job.

So tonight, Danny and I really talked about things. I will be turning in my notice on Monday, and I am going to give them a month's notice. (They will probably let me go sooner than that, but I want to be fair.) I think there will be more rewards at home than I am receiving at work.

I am so excited about getting my laundry caught up, getting the house cleaned, and doing some other projects. I will also be able to cook dinner (which I haven't done here lately), help Austin with his homework, and get Trenton more prepared for school. I am also looking forward to doing more at church and getting more involved. Oh, and I can't wait to stay home with Addyson.

So new job, here I come!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

24 weeks well almost 25

Well this week has not been a good week for us here. Wednesday I got sick at Walmart on my lunch break and dry heaved all in there bathroom (I know I was so upset to be in there nasty bathroom), but I was able to finish my day at work. Then that night I started having contractions. They weren't regular so I went on to bed and tried to get some rest. Thursday morning, contractions again. This time I got out the bottle of brethine. Oh, the side effects that come with that medicine. Well I started feeling a little better and the contractions stopped, so I attempted to go to work. I know, what was I thinking??? Well I made it a few hours, and then back home I went. Thursday night hardly any sleep, contractions most of the night. Friday morning I went ahead and called the doctor. So back to the doctor I go, and of course they want to check me. I have not dilated but my cervix has softened some. So rest all weekend for me....which is very hard with a husband and two kids. I go back in two weeks for another check. I am on strict guidelines at work, and if I have contractions I have to go home. Please keep us in your prayers as we go thru these last three months of pregnancy.

In other news, we almost had to make a trip to the ER Saturday morning. Trenton came running thru the house, tripped over the carpet going into our bedroom, hit the door then the dresser with his head. Of course, I can't get up fast enough and my husband want get off the phone with my sister. Austin get me a towel and I got Trenton calmed down. He really is my tough little boy. He hardly ever cries, so I knew he hurt himself when he was crying like he was. He put a nice gash on the side of his head, thankfully it wasn't a deep gash and it quit bleeding in no time. Of course we have told the kids numerouse times not to run thru the house!!! Hopefully now they will see why we keep saying that.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Wonderful Husband

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We spent it cleaning, shopping, and reorganizing.

So a little more about what all my husband did this weekend. Well Friday night his mom cooked dinner and then we headed back to our house to start on the toyroom. This was the room that we dreaded on starting. But once we started we couldn't stop. We had 7 bags of trash (broken toys or toys with missing parts). Saturday morning we got up and started rearranging the boy's bedroom so that we could start putting their toys in their room. Then it was off to town for a little outing. Danny and Trent dropped me off at the nail place and they went to the barber shop. I got a mani/pedi, then went to Target while waiting on them. It was nice for a little time to browse by myself. Then we took Trenton to lunch at Zaxby's and headed to Home Depot. We picked up all the pieces to redo two closets. Then we had to go to Walmart to pick up Addyson furniture.

Danny cooked Trenton and I a wonderful dinner for Valentine's Day; grilled steaks, shrimp and baked potatoes with some wonderful rolls. The boys got me a box of chocolates (yummy) and Danny got me a one-hour prenatal massage. What more could I have asked for. And for dessert, I had a box of Samoas. We just want tell anyone that I almost ate the whole box by myself.

Well yesterday Danny was still in the mode of work, so we stayed home from church and continued working. He put together the dresser/changing table, redid two closets, and finished working on the rooms. He wouldn't let me do much, so I did laundry and helped a little with the closets (you know just to make sure I could reach the hanging bar). Addyson's room still has a few toys in it that we will be moving this week and then the pics will start coming. I love the piece of furniture we ordered. It is a little bigger than I thought, but it is beautiful. Danny will be working on the crib this week. And since we already have the bedding, then we can put it together. I can't wait to see what it looks like on her bed.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful President's Day!!! Hopefully I can enjoy a little time with the boys this afternoon! That is if I can get off work a little early.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cupid's Arrow

Last night we took the boys to the store to pick up there teacher's something special for Valentine's Day. It took us a little while because Trenton has a guy teacher, yes a guy preschool teacher. Actually, there are two Pre-K teachers and his main teacher is Ms. Aiken (which I adore). Mr. John is not very nice and he seems to always pick on Trenton, actually he is a very odd man. But that is another story in itself.

Well after we got the gifts and got back in the truck, we went and grabbed some carryout for dinner. And of course we had to go to two places, Quiznos and Burger King. When we got home Trenton, very seriously asked me why that little guy had to shoot an arrow into his heart. First of all, I about fell out laughing and then I had to come up with an arrow. We tried to explain to him that this was just a figure of speech, something that people say. Well he just couldn't understand that. Then he wanted to know if it hurt. He was just the cutest little thing asking these questions. Finally we got him to understand that cupid isn't real and that it just meant that one day he would fall in love. Well he really didn't like that, but at least he finally stopped asking about cupid.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow with the one's you love. Danny and I will be spending it at home with Trenton, but really I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. And Austin will be spending it with his Nanny and Papa, he gets a long weekend so he wants to go visit. And that gives mommy and daddy time to clean out the toyroom.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

23 Week Visit

Last night I got a little nervous, I started having a few contractions. And here I am thinking, oh no not again. I knew after having this happen with Trenton at 24 weeks what I needed to do. So while trying to do homework with Austin, help Trenton with Valentine's Day cards and cook dinner the contractions began. They weren't regular, but pretty hard and uncomfortable. So Danny helped me finish dinner, I ate and layed down. The contractions never got regular and after about two hours they were gone.

So today at my regular check-up I went ahead and talked to Dr. Belmont about the contractions. I am doing fine, weight was much better today. Let's just say between Monday and today I have gained a few pounds. I kind of shocked Danny when I told him my weight today. But hey, I could stand to gain just a few pounds. So Dr. Belmont checked me today, and thankfully I am not dilating or making any progress, which is great news. He did go ahead and give me a prescription for Brethine and told me to take it when the contractions start. For now, I get to keep on working. Which I hope I can continue to do. Dr. Belmont says that since I went into preterm with Trenton and carried him to term that hopefully I can do the same with little girl. Oh, and she was doing well today. She didn't want to cooperate with getting her heartbeat checked but finally we got one (140).

So for now I am just going to pray that I can carry this baby as long as my body will allow me too. Hopefully that will be to at least 37-38 weeks.

Well this weekend we will start on the nursery. Well I should say start getting all of the toys moved out of the nursery (it was the toyroom) and start moving furniture in. I am not going to paint. We are wanting to buy a house next year, so I just want to keep the walls the same color.
So I will go ahead and start taking a few photos for you all to see. My goal is to at least get the crib set up this weekend.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful end of the work week and a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The virus is here again...

Well the flu virus has hit our house, and so far I am the only one that has caught it. Thankfully the boys both had the flu mist. Danny has been wonderful and even came home this morning and took me to the doctor. Thankfully my fever has broke, if only the back aches would stop. I did get a little sleep this afternoon, after two nights of being up. I am so lucky to have a mother-in-law that watched Trenton for me today. Bad news is that I have lost weight, so once I can start eating real food again I will be eating more often. Little girl is good, she is staying very active in my tummy and kicking me pretty good at times. Trenton finally felt her move for the first time this weekend. It was the sweetest thing.

The doctor has put me off work until Wednesday and then I go back Thursday for my normal visit. Well back to couch I go.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Being pregnant with this wonderful little girl is bringing lots of new cravings. I have craved: pickles, pickled okra (which I have never ate before now), fruit, egg mcmuffings (minus the egg), steak, ice cream, and the newest thing spaghetti. I think I could eat spaghetti everyday of the week, well except for it causes heartburn. And have I mentioned my husband is not an italian fan. So last night I was craving spaghetti and he fixes fish and veggies. Tonight I am having spaghetti, I guess I will fix Danny and the boys something else, but I need some spaghetti!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

At what point...

I am sure that you all have been watching the story of the Octuplets on TV. Well they have made it to a week old and that is amazing!!! But to me, what is not amazing is how a doctor implants all of these embryos into a woman who already has 6 kids under the age of 7 with no husband. At what point does these doctors need to stop. Unless this woman has lots of money, I can't see where she can afford all of the little ones, or take care of all of these little ones. At some point a doctor has to say NO!!!

I think in-vitro is amazing. And I think women who have tried to have children and desperately want a child should be able to have them. I love being a mom, and every woman should get to experience the joy in having their own child, if that is what they want. But I don't think it is right that this doctor keeps implanting babies in a single woman that is obsessed with having babies. This makes me sad, and it makes people start questioning in-vitro.

So what do you all think about this story? Do you think it is right for this doctor to keep doing this procedure on a single woman, who now has 14 kids?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

22 Weeks and Counting

Last week was the end of the month at work, which brings with it a lot of stress. And on top of it all, my boss had to go out of town to Kentucky to help his family out. They were hit by the ice storm and have no power or water. He took them generators, water, and gas. Hopefully he will be back to work Monday because really I don't like being under stress right now. But I know his family needs him more at this time. Please remember all the families that were struck by the ice storm in your prayers. They will be without power and water for a while.

In other news, I am taking Sunny's advice. We are going to start trying to save more money this year and the first place we are starting is our grocery bill. Today we saved $145 at Target and another $32.05 at Kroger. Hopefully this will get us closer to getting our house by next year.

Austin will start tutoring this week in Math. One of the third grade teachers at Mt. Carmel will be tutoring him on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I really hope that she can help us get Austin's grade pulled up.

Trenton is doing great. He has had the past two weekends of undivided attention by me and Danny. Austin was hunting with my grandfather so Trenton stayed behind with us. He is my little helper, which right now I need. He loves to help me with laundry, although, I have to help him. If not, all of the laundry would end up in the washer on one side. At least for now he wants to help me.

Well the pregnancy is going faster and faster. Little girl is way low, and I am so uncomfortable!!! The boys were pretty high, but she doesn't want to move up. So if you have missed seeing us at church I am sorry. Hopefully she will reposition herself soon. She is now moving around a lot more, and she has successfully woke her dad up in the middle of the night kicking him in the back. Of course, I slept thru all of it.

Oh, and Danny has finished our shed. It is like having an extra room. I am so proud of him for working so hard on this project. His next project is little girls room.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! And hopefully we will see a little snow.